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Oftentimes, during the research, planning, design and accessorizing of your fireplace, terms are used in descriptions or in references to industry materials. As a part of our commitment to customer service, satisfaction and education, we have included a glossary of terms to assist in making this process as seamless, informative and enjoyable as possible. If you do not see a term listed below, please contact one of our experts.

Andirons - sometimes called dogs, dog-iron or firedog; a decorative horizontal iron bar which logs are laid

Simulated Ash - volcanic ember material lay below grate to stimulate burning under gas logs

B Vent - a system that does not have a sealed combustion chamber and relies on the buoyancy of hot gases to vent effectively using single wall flue.

Bellows - a device for delivering pressurized air in a controlled quantity to stoke a fire

Casting - manufacturing process by which liquid brass or steel is poured into a mold which contains a decorative hollow cavity

Chenet - similar to an andiron, a chenet is one piece, connected by the fender across the front, most commonly resting just inside the firebox on metal bars that go back into the fireplace in which wood can be placed

Clearview - a reference used In relation to fireplace glass doors, where there is no metal over the fireplace opening just surrounding the glass

Creosote - carbon material that accumulates in chimneys from wood burning fires. If it glazes on the firebrick in the chimney it can cause a flue fire

Damper - a metal device inside the fireplace chimney used to reduce or close the opening between the firebox and flue; stops cold chimney drafts

Direct Vent - in reference to a gas fireplace, it has a chimney that can vent horizontally or vertically to the roof using a double wall flue. It has a completely enclosed firebox with a pane of glass that cannot be removed. It draws air for combustion through a double wall flue and expels gases to the outside as well.

Downdraft - a strong, downward current of air

Simulated Embers - refers to gas logs; simulated hot coals under the grate made of non-combustible material such as fiberglass or platinum

Fenders - a low metal guard before an open fireplace, to keep back falling coals usually made of iron, cast iron or glass; stops wood if it falls out of firebox and are also utilized for decorative purposes

Firebacks - a protective, heat-resistant insert for the rear interior of the fireplace that radiates heat and protects the firebrick

Firepit - structure used outdoors, made of non-combustible material for gas or wood feature. Gas systems may include ceramic logs, riverstones, crushed glass, volcanic rock or even metal sculpture. Wood systems may have a gas log lighter

Flue - pipe that moves the smoke from the fireplace to the chimney and outside

Freestanding Stove - a compact, heating appliance normally on legs or a pedestal visible from four sides and is not built into the wall.

Front-view - a traditional fireplace which only offers a single view of the fire

Gas Insert - a gas burning appliance that burns propane or natural gas; the insert goes into an existing fireplace and creates a powerful heating source. The flue (venting) goes up through existing chimney and exhausts to the outside

Grate - a cast-iron or steel frame that holds burning fuel (wood or gas logs) for the fire

Hearth - is the noncombustible structure in front of the fireplace

Kindling - thin, dry wood used to start a fire

Mantle - decorative structure that can be made of wood, stone, or precast that surrounds a fireplace opening

Multi-view - a fireplace that offers multiple views or open side

Reline - in reference to relining a chimney where pipe and insulation are placed through an existing flue that needs repair

Pellets - small balls or blocks made of 100% wood sawdust with no additives

Spark Arrestor
1. protective mesh on top of chimney to keep sparks under control
2. this also refers to a mesh screen in front of fireplace opening to protect combustibles from flying embers

Unvented, Ventless or Vent Free - term used relate to either a low BTU gas log or a gel fueled fireplace that does not require a flue or chimney for ventilation

Vent - exhaust duct for gas or wood fireplaces

Definitions compiled from Vicki Warner and a variety of fireplace industry resources and dictionaries.

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